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Why Using the Radio is not the Best Way to Provide Music to your Customers

Posted Apr 9, 2014 11:13:00 AM

It takes a lot of work to pull together a retail business location, every choice from the signage to the carpet is vital for creating the right atmosphere and attracting the buyers who are seeking what you have for sale. After all that careful preparation, it's vital that you have complete control over every aspect of your business, including the background music on your sales floor. This is where hiring a professional music service can make a huge difference over using local radio.

Many business owners choose to play local radio over their audio systems without being fully aware of the pitfalls of doing so. Not only can local radio create numerous issues with your carefully designed store atmosphere, there are legal ramifications to broadcasting it without making proper arrangements. Local radio stations are free for personal broadcasts, but when you start running the radio in your store it can become a public performance that requires you to pay for the privilege.


How Music Affects Ambiance

Granted, many stores are designed with a wide customer base in mind, but if your store is one that relies on ambiance or image to bring in customers interested in a specific niche product, running the radio is one of the worst things you can do. Sure, you can choose a radio station that sort of overlaps your customers' interests, but you have absolutely no control over the programming or music.

Customers in specialty stores may be looking to de-stress and immerse themselves on a quiet afternoon with a favorite hobby, cup of coffee or a great book. Adding the unpredictable chaos of local radio creates a disharmony between your carefully planned setting and the background music. As if that wasn't bad enough, your favorite music may be a massive mood killer for your customers and they may decide not to return because of it.

A quality music service provides plenty of options to fit nearly any setting. You can choose instrumental music that everybody will like, or tailor your musical selections to your themed store, all without commercial interruption to destroy the ambiance. After all, customers buy with all their senses – it makes economic sense to maintain as much consistency as possible.

What About Local Competition?

We both know that your store is the best example of its kind in the area, but have your customers figured that out yet? Even with a huge local fan base, you're going to have to constantly remind people why they shop with you and not the other guy down the street. This task becomes exponentially more difficult when your customers are constantly hearing advertisements on local radio for your competitors. If they're hearing those ads while shopping in your store, you may have a disaster brewing.

Local radio is great for news, sports and weather, as well as music on the drive home, but when you're running a competitive business in today's economy, local radio distracts your customers from the wares you're offering. If your competition has a huge marketing budget, you may soon have customers who feel like your prices and products aren't good enough – after all, the other guy has the same item for half your price this week.

Since you can't just turn down the radio when these sort of ads come on without customers noticing, you're giving your competitors access to your customer base at a time when they're essentially a captive audience. Playing local radio and suffering through the ads will force you to work harder to impress your customers, lest you lose them to tantalizing marketing.

Keep your customers focused on your store and your products with an advertising-free professional music service, while avoiding copyright licensing issues that can arise from playing local radio or tapes. Building your brand image requires you to pay special attention to every sensory detail your store has to offer, from sights and smells to the sounds floating through the air.

You lose control of your brand image when you introduce the chaos of local radio into your store and may even be giving competitors a free ticket to advertise to your customers. By switching to a professional music service, you can control the atmosphere and change it with the touch of a button, with no ads to distract your customers from your goods.