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    Overhead Music | 3 min read

    Why Should I Have a Professional Install My Store's Audio Equipment

    As technology continues to advance and become an essential part of running a business, it’s important to have all of your equipment working seamlessly to achieve the best audio experience through systems integration. You want technology that’s going to be working at peak performance for you and your business, rather than the other way around.

    Having a professional install your audio equipment allows for seamless integration into all of your in-store music equipment and digital signage display systems. It will not only help make your business’s technology more user-friendly, the right company will provide you with ongoing maintenance and support, especially if problems arise down the road. Commercial audio installers possess a wide range of knowledge and are capable of providing you with the best possible experience.

    Do it Right First Time

    Ceiling speaker installWhere do you go to find someone you can trust with your audio needs? How will you know if you’re getting the best product, installation and follow-up services available? Whether you’re in the market for a new retail audio system or are just ready to upgrade to a higher level of technology, these are questions that need solid answers.

    It’s vital to hire a company that provides custom sales, installation and support for a variety of AV systems. A good installer will perform an on-site evaluation and provide you with honest advice that will help you make the right decisions for your retail space. In the end, business owners are far more satisfied with their investments and overall experiences after receiving the personalized customer service of a truly professional audio installer.

    Here are several indications that you’ve hired the right audio installer for your needs:

    • Evaluation of your audio requirements, including size, functionality, energy efficiency and budget
    • Review of your digital signage content needs, creation, hosting services and ongoing management needs
    • Assessment of your current and projected range of digital signage options
    • Development/discussion of customized requirements or recommendations and a project timeline
    • Ability to produce and implement all necessary displays, cabling, software and other equipment (if applicable)
    • Reliable performance, including delivery/installation coordinated to meet your business schedule
    • Ongoing system service, maintenance and support

    Integration Considerations

    Music creates a mood in a store – making shopping exceptional and memorable. What’s playing in your store says a lot about your unique brand, your inventory and employees, your target audience and the type of experience you want for your customers. Like everything else, no two retail shops are alike, so why play the same ordinary music or satellite radio heard in corporate offices, while driving or in chain stores? Modern shoppers continually bounce from store to store, so a memorable, distinctive music mix that sets you apart from the others is vital.

    Many audio installation companies aren’t limited in their use of equipment or the variety of licensed music they offer, making them better able to find the absolute best audio solution for your needs. A limited selection won’t provide you with the finest sound because that can also limit integration with your video/digital display equipment. It’s important to determine what blend of products works best for your retail space and needs; having the experience and professional capabilities to customize and integrate all of your audiovisual equipment sets you up for success. Audio professionals are well-trained experts on working with different system components in order to bring you the highest quality audio and video experience.

    Take the Expert’s Advice

    Bad Speaker Install

    Chances are your expertise isn’t in commercial audio systems, which makes it difficult to choose the technology and equipment that’s right for your business. This is where a professional audio installer comes in. Their expertise is in analyzing your space, deciding which technology will best serve your needs, and what system will best help you achieve your goals. Most companies provide free site inspections and personal consultations during which time the audio specialist will advise you on which equipment will best fit your needs and budget.

    Ongoing Technical Support and Maintenance

    Once your new audio system is installed and integrated with other technologies, there may be occasional technology glitches, but you deserve assurances that every piece of audio equipment in your business location will operate at the highest performance levels after the installation process is complete. Whether your system operation is manned or not, it’s important to know the products you invested in are dependable. Retail Radio earned its reputation for providing all of our commercial customers with dependable sound systems and ongoing services guaranteeing an extended lifetime of reliable equipment operations.

    Let Retail Radio’s team of audio engineers design, install and maintain the perfect audio experience for you, your staff and your clientele. Our team of installation coordinators brings decades of experience in making the right equipment choices, ensuring seamless installations and technological integrations and helping you design a custom radio station with your customers in mind.

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