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Virtual Games of Music Bingo: A New Way to Build Culture, Keep Remote Teams Engaged

At Spectrio, we want to make sure our hundreds of employees stay engaged and connected even while quarantined. 

That’s why we launched Fun Fridays. 

The goal: take a 20-minute break at the end of each week for a little fun. It keeps our team from feeling isolated and helps morale stay high.

Spectrio has always promoted a strong, team-focused culture. Before COVID-19, the company held events like ugly sweater contests and a cooking competition called the SouperBowl. After the pandemic hit, though, we pivoted to virtual fun since you could no longer see coworkers in the kitchen or share ice cream on someone’s birthday.

We’ve played virtual games of Battleship and Music Bingo.

Revealed the most unusual thing in our pantries.

Compared pictures of celebrity doppelgangers.

Beth Delta

Made memes of our lives during the quarantine. 

tads meme

Even used Google Sheets to create pixel pictures of unicorns, a tribute to our company mascot!

John C spectricorn (1)

Music Bingo was one of our month-long events. Each day, we posted short music clips in a chat group and people had to guess the titles. If those titles were on your card, you marked the square.

“This made the month go by so fast and provided a much-needed break each day,” said one of our Tampa teammates. “Best ever group activity!”

About half the Spectrio employees join us each week for Fun Friday. Everyone gets participation points (the winners get a little extra) that can be traded for gift cards. Most importantly, the whole staff stays engaged. 

In fact, as the quarantine enters its sixth month, many team members have told us they’ve enjoyed getting to know coworkers in other cities whose paths they otherwise would never have crossed.

Building those relationships helps our team members feel connected and valued, enhancing collaboration and motivating them to do even better work. 

And as a bonus, they’re also learning interesting facts about each other. The most unusual pantry item, for example, was a vintage phantasmagoria hot sauce, a super-spicy concoction that’s in a bottle shaped like a magic lantern. It’s one of only 100 in the world. EricBlack_Phantasmogoria Rare Hot Sauce - Eric Black (1) (1)

While they breathe fire, we’re getting ready for future Fun Fridays to remain connected.

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