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    Using Hotel Digital Signage to Improve Guest Experiences

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    With hotel digital signage, hospitality businesses have a powerful tool for engaging visitors and providing an improved guest experience.

    They are no longer restricted to using static, passive signage that guests ignore and overlook.

    With interactive and digital screens, hotels can connect with guests using motion graphics, animations, and even touch-screen technology placed in or near:

    • Lobbies
    • Elevator Banks
    • Guest rooms
    • Entrances and exits
    • Hallways
    • Conference halls

    These engaging screens present opportunities for hotels to impress guests and make their stay more enjoyable. Here are a few examples of how hotels, resorts, and inns can use digital signage to make life easier on their guests.

    Welcoming & Entertaining Guests

    When guests arrive at a hotel, they may have just ended a long day of travel, they may be rushed on a business trip, or they may be ready to immediately relax with their family.

    Whatever the situation that leads guests to a hotel, one thing is always true. They want their check-in experience to be as easy and streamlined as possible.

    Hotel digital signage in a lobby can simplify and improve that process. It can:

    • Lead guests to the right place. Digital wayfinding maps and screens with clear labels on rooms and check-in counters help guests find their way.
    • Dazzle guests. High-definition screens displaying beautiful photography or moving artwork, videos, and graphics can decorate lobbies and provide a dazzling welcome.  
    • Show off the property. Screens can display high-quality photography from around the property so guests know what to expect and can get excited about their stay.
    • Entertain guests. While guests are checking in, digital screens can display entertaining content that occupies time while the check-in is processed.  
    • Expedite check-ins. Interactive digitals signs also speed up the check-in process by offering screens that collect information from guests to expedite their experience.
    • Help guests plan their stay. Screens further assist guests by offering information about the property and amenities. Interactive screens also enable guests to schedule services or make reservations at property spas and restaurants.

    With hotel digital signage, hospitality locations can give guests a great experience from the moment they walk through the door.

    Informing & Serving Guests

    Most hotels already have content they use to inform and serve guests. Brochures, signs, catalogs, and even live concierges are placed throughout properties to give guests the information they need.

    With hotel digital signage, hospitality properties can improve and upgrade these offerings to better serve their guests.

    Digital screens offer on-demand and personalized:

    • On-property wayfinding tools. Guests enter their exact location and where they want to go and receive custom directions for reaching their destination.
    • On-site amenities listings. Using search features, guests browse through a property's amenity offerings to find services and resources that match their needs and wants.
    • Service and restaurant menus. Guests browse through menus before their visit and also schedule or order services using digital menu signage.
    • Nearby attractions lists and maps. Digital screens provide guests with directions and listings of local attractions near the hotel property.
    • Property schedule of events. Guests use signage to find out what’s happening on the property for the day.
    • Weather and outdoor condition updates. Guests monitor the outdoor conditions by viewing screens that automatically update content based on the weather.

    Interactive screens enable guests to customize their experience as they seek information. They can choose to see only the information that is relevant to them.

    Protecting Guests

    While the focus on hotel digital signage is often placed on entertaining and informing, there is another very important use for this technology --- safety.

    When digital screens are placed all over a large property and connected to the same communication system, they can be used an emergency alert system.

    In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or dangerous weather condition, digital screens throughout a property can release vital details on:

    • Where guests should go
    • What guests should do
    • How guests can get the resources they need

    Screens can also share vital communication in the event of a missing child or separated family member. Content can advise loved ones where to go to connect with their family.

    This type of connectivity is especially important on large properties and resorts that have multiple buildings, pools, and amenity buildings.

    Learn More About Hotel Digital Signage

    As you can see, there are a variety of ways to use hotel digital signage to make life easier on your guests by welcoming, entertaining, serving, informing, and protecting them.

    But these are just a few examples of what is possible with digital signage.

    The powerful thing about digital signage is that it is customizable to meet every hotel or resort’s unique needs, wants, and branding.

    You hold the power and control over how you use your signage to connect with your guests.

    To find out what else is possible with digital signage and how you can bring this technology to your hospitality property, download our FREE, Ultimate Guide to Digital Signage.

    download our quick and easy guide to digital signage

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