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The Salesforce Office Used Digital Screens to Create a Surreal Lobby Experience

Posted Jun 14, 2016 9:30:00 AM


If you thought the applications of digital signage were limited, check this out.

Enterprise cloud company,, found a way to use digital screens to create an amazing experience in their San Francisco office lobby.

Instead of hanging ordinary art on the walls, they installed a 106-foot, 7 million-pixel LED screen. The entire Salesforce office is amazing, but this screen takes their corporate campus to a new level.

With the switch of a button, the screen turns the lobby into a dramatic and beautiful waterfall scene. The digital signage completely transforms the room from an average indoor interior to a cascading waterfall that breaks over the doorframes.

The realistic scene leaves visitors feeling like they are actually walking under a gushing waterfall to get to their office.



The screen in the Salesforce office isn’t limited to waterfall displays. It is also synced to local weather and transitions to show other outdoor scenes like snowy mountains.

And, it was once set up to look like a giant Pac-Man screen.



The technology that went into creating Salesforce’s amazing waterfall display (which was a collaborative project by Obscura Digital, SNA,Sansi, and Fusion CIS) is impressive, and it reminds us of the endless possibilities that exist with digital signage.


Looking to Create a More Engaging Lobby With Digital Screens? 

Digital screens have practical applications, such as educating and informing audiences, but they also have aesthetic applications and can be used to create beautiful, engaging atmospheres. The Salesforce office is a prime example of how the use of digital screens is only limited by imagination and creativity.

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Pictures via Business Insider