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    Digital Signage | 5 min read

    The Best Digital Signage Software Should Do These 13 Things

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    There are a lot of options to consider when you start shopping for the best digital signage software and systems. So as you start your search, use this list to help you check and ensure that the options you consider have the best software, content features, applications, and results.

    Digital Signage Software Requirements

    The best digital signage system starts with software essentials that enable you to professionally display your messages. Your system must be able to do the following things:  

    1. Perfectly display your content. The screen is the core of a digital signage system. For the best results, you should choose a high-definition, LCD commercial grade screen. It must be the correct size based on its location and content, and it must include HDMI or VGA inputs so you can connect it to your content media player.

    2. Seamlessly deliver your content. Next, your digital signage system must include a media player that delivers content to the digital screen.

    3. Allow for easy content management. So you can control the content on your digital signage, your system must also include a content management system. A CMS enables you to create and manage content so you can make changes to what displays on your screen.  

    For a more detailed look at how to pick the best digital signage software, use our post: Use This Hardware Checklist to Set Up Your Digital Signage.

    Digital Signage Content Requirements

    The best digital signage solutions are built using the right technology and then supported by adding great content that businesses can customize and control.  

    4. Suit your specific content needs. From custom videos, graphics, and animations to private label TV and live cable pass-through, content options for digital signage are extensive and varied. The best digital signage solution for your business will utilize the features that work best for your goals, needs, and audience.

    5. Connect to multiple locations. For organizations that have more than one location, the best digital signage option will sync system displays so each screen shows the same content. This feature makes it easy for multiple locations to feel cohesive and connected.

    6. Allow you to update content on-demand. Many businesses need to update their digital signage content at a moment’s notice (such as restaurants that need to remove items that are no longer available). If your organization could benefit from real-time updates, you need tools to enable on-demand changes. 

    7. Update on its own. Other businesses may want less management and want a digital sign that updates on its own. They can get what they need with a system that uses day, time, and weather parting to automatically adjust content based on outside variables and conditions.   

    You have almost unlimited options when it comes to what you can do with content on digital signage. To review all of your options, check out our guide: Digital Signage: What Can I Play On My Screen?

    Digital Signage Application Requirements

    Along with providing the right tools and content, the best digital signage system also delivers the best application.

    8. Entertain audiences. The right digital signage content can entertain audiences and help them pass the time. When digital signage content is present, it can make a wait feel up to 33% shorter.

    9. Educate audiences. Useful digital content also educates audiences and helps them get the information they need. Visuals help people retain information which makes digital signage content the perfect tool for educating patients, shoppers, customers, and clients. 

    10. Engage with audiences. Interactive digital content adds another application to digital screens. You can adjust your screen to both transmit and receive information so audiences can input their data or submit requests to receive the exact content they need. 

    If you aren’t familiar with all the things that digital signage can help you accomplish at your business, check out our post: Digital Signage Solutions: What Problems Can Multimedia Screens Solve?

    Digital Signage Results Requirements  

    It’s not just form and function. The best digital signage solutions almost produce results and delivers a high return on investment.

    11. Increase your revenue. From acting as a continuous salesperson to displaying product demo videos to drawing customers into your location, there are a variety of ways to increase revenue with the right digital signage solution

    12. Save money. The best digital signage systems increase revenue while also helping you save money. When you can instantly update content, you never need to reorder new signs or throw away old displays (and money) every time you change your specials or offerings. 

    13. Reinforce your branding. It’s not good enough to simply add a TV to your showroom or waiting area. You need to constantly keep your brand in front of your engaged audience. The right digital signage solution helps you do that by enabling you to add custom, branded frames and tickers that constantly keep your brand front and center. 

    These are just a few of the broad benefits you can get from digital signage. To see a full list of results you can expect to find by implementing a digital signage system, read our guide: What Are The Benefits of Digital Signage.

    Find the Best Digital Signage for Your Needs

    There are many options for digital signage solutions. So when shopping for the system that will work best for you, make sure you consider all of the basic features and functions that a system should offer.

    Then, work with a provider to customize your system so it includes all of the specifications that will best serve your business's unique goals, audiences, and needs.

    Not sure what you need? Schedule a free consultation with one of our digital signage specialists. Or learn more by downloading our free comprehensive beginner’s guide.


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