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5 Questions to Ask as You Set Up Your Digital Signage Campaign

Posted Nov 17, 2015 9:58:31 AM

5 questions to ask as you set up your digital signage campagin 

Have you hit a wall in creative ideas for your digital signage content? 

The answers to these questions will help you create content ideas that serve your customers and clients, entertain your audience, and position your signage as a tool for increasing sales and revenue.

What does my audience need to know?

Start by asking yourself how you can use digital signage as a tool to serve your customers and clients. Identify how to use content to give your audience what they need.  

  • Does my audience need information about a product or service? Provide additional information about products and services through video demos placed near product displays or service counters.
  • Is my audience unaware of information that will benefit them? Introduce your audience to products, services, and resources they may not know about, but can benefit them greatly.  
  • Does my audience need help finding their way? If you have a large office or business location, add wayfinding maps to help visitors navigate your property.

digital signage audience choicesWhat does my audience want to see?

Digital signage educates, but it also entertains. Discover how to use your content to deliver interesting, relevant, and engaging media to your audience.

  • Who is my target demographic? Match your content style with your audience. If your audience is kids, you may want to use animation and cartoons. If your audience is professionals and adults, you may want to use live action video.
  • What industry news is relevant to my audience? You are a source of valuable information. Share what you know and educate your audience about news and trends related to your industry.
  • What shows would entertain my audience? If your signage is in a waiting area, provide programming that matches the audience's interests. Relevant and entertaining content will help decrease their perceived wait time.

What do I want my audience to do?

Serve your audience's wants and needs through digital signage. But don’t forget to serve your own as well. Use your content to guide your audience to take action that will benefit your business.

  • Do I want my audience to make an additional purchase? Highlight supplemental offerings, promotions, or upsells that your customers and clients may want and need. Then, tell them exactly how to get the special offer or item.
  • Do I want my audience to visit my website or social media sites? Direct your audience to visit your online properties and follow you on social media sites.
  • Do I want my audience to visit a certain area of my location? Guide your customers and clients through your store or property by leading them with teasers and wayfinding tools.
  • Do I have a contest or event I want my audience to participate in? Share details and invite your audience to participate in promotions or special events.

customer waiting room with digital signageHow long is my audience in my store, waiting room, or showroom?

Customers and clients begin to tune out content if they repeatedly see the same messaging. Your content should be regularly updated so it continues to entertain and inform your audience.

  • How much time is my audience in front of the screen? Figure out how long the average customer or client is exposed to your signage. If it is in a waiting room, what is the average wait time? If it is near a check-out line, how long do customers usually wait? Then, create a content loop that lasts a little longer than the average wait time.
  • How many times does my customer/client visit my location in a month? Identify how often customers or clients return to your location. Then, plan to revise your content around that time so your audience doesn’t see the same content every time they return.

What content do I already have?

Starting from scratch while creating content can be a little overwhelming. So don’t start with a blank screen. Think about the resources you already have and identify what pieces of content you can repurpose and add to your digital signage programming.

  • Do I have brochure information?
  • Do I have website information?
  • Do I have photos?
  • Do I have video testimonials?
  • Do I have product demos?

If you go through these questions and are still struggling with coming up with content ideas for your digital signage strategy, don’t fret.

You can get free advice on how to create digital signage content that will lead customers, entertain your audience, and increase your sales.

Get guidance and feedback on you campaign by scheduling a free, digital signage assessment with a Spectrio media specialists. During your session, a member of our team will discuss your business goals and identify how you can improve your campaign and find better results with through digital signage.

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