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It Will Get Discovered

Posted Jul 10, 2015, 12:50:00 PM

So much music, so little time!  You may turn on the radio and disagree with that statement.  The music is out there, you just have to look a little deeper than the dial.  Here is some of the great stuff we have been listening to lately.

The Rua

The Rua

The Rua is a trio out of Windsor, England.  They are two sisters and a brother:  Roseanna, Alanna, and Jonathan Brown.  They are classically trained and full of talent!  Check out their single “Fight for What’s Right”.


Candice Martello is amazing!  She has got a unique, folk sounding voice and has garnered attention as a part of Make or Break:  The Linda Perry Project.  She has an album on the way at the end of the month and a single we have been enjoying called “Some of my Friends”.  If you want to dig a bit deeper into her songs I really like “I’ll Never Be the Man for You.”


If country is your thing, check out Locash.  They have a song called “I Love This Life”.  This is a pure feel good, toe tapping hit.  You know them … well, kinda.  They have written hits for Keith Urban and Tim McGraw and I guess finally decided they would take a bit of the spotlight!  The duo is Chris Lucas and Preston Brust.  I will admit these guys might get me to buy a cowboy hat!

Cory Charles

Funny and talented!  His song “If I Could Change Anything it Would Be You.”  If you are going through any sort of relationship problem this is going to be a hard song to get out of your head.  It’s super catchy, cleaver and very funny.  I love the phrase “textacy” … you will have to listen to see why.

The Outer Vibe

There is something about this group that has a classic, vintage feel that is great.  If you are a fan of finding hidden gems you may remember them from 2012 when they released their album “Hoka Hey”.  The sound of their new stuff is familiar, but different … poppy, but motor city classic.  Check out their song “Waits for Me” and see what you think.

There is a ton of great stuff out there!  This is just a few that came to mind and stuff we are playing in-store at a location near you!  We are doing our best to find the right feel for each and every one of our clients and when we keep finding stuff like this it makes it so much easier!  Thanks to every garage band, every solo singer in a coffee shop, every teen with big dreams … keep producing your art and IT WILL get discovered!