Transforming The Customer Experience

Easily Create and Manage Content With Digital Signage

Posted Jan 18, 2017 7:44:00 AM

Technology enables us to do some pretty cool things. However, it’s not so cool when it comes with a steep learning curve. I mean, have you ever tried to use Snapchat? The perfect solution for a busy small business is something that's easy to use and has tremendous benefit to their bottom line.

As long as you're using the right service, Digital Signage allows you to optimize and streamline your in-store marketing by creating custom graphics and easily maintaining an engaging playlist. There may even be some features that allow you to reach people outside your shop as well.

Let’s take a look at a few different scenarios a small business might face, some obstacles that could stand in their way, and how they can solve them with 10 Foot Wave’s Digital Signage.


Scenario #1: You want customers to become more familiar with your staff.

One of the easiest ways to gain a customer’s trust is to make them feel like a close friend. Most friendships start out of common interests, so by creating bio content about your staff, you’re allowing the customers to connect with something about them.

Where they’re from, what their hobbies are, or who their favorite sports team is… you never know what piece of information a customer will relate to.

Once a customer can relate to your staff, a connection will be forged. However, short of all your customers and staff becoming Facebook friends, how are they going to connect? Maybe through conversation, but there has to be a more proactive way.

With 10 Foot Wave’s Digital Signage: We have multiple templates (both animated and static) that allow you to create custom staff bio slides.

Start by picking your colors and fonts, creating a look and feel that matches your brand. Then, upload an image of your employee and add a short write up about background, hobbies, and/or interests. You can even save the base template so that you don’t have to change the font and colors every time you create a new one. Rinse and repeat for as many times as you have staff.

Estimated time to complete: About 5 minutes


Scenario #2: You want to raise awareness about a specific product and educate customers about its benefit.

Let’s say that you want more focus on selling Product X. Maybe it’s a seasonal item and its time of year has come. Or perhaps it’s a high margin item and you want to try to boost its sales.

However, this product is pretty unique to your business, so most third-party companies you work with won’t have something readily available. You could pay a designer to do custom work for you, but wouldn’t it be better to get more out what you’re already paying for?

With 10 Foot Wave’s Digital Signage: We have tons of templates where you can upload images and input custom text to promote a product. Again, other properties are customizable so that the finished design looks like the Product X brand. And these templates are included in your Digital Signage subscription, so there is no upcharge or extra fee associated with creating your own content.

And if you need more help, you can always contact our Content Team. Chances are, they may be able to help you find or create what you’re looking for.

Estimated time to complete: About 5-10 minutes.


Scenario #3: You want to promote a sale or event.

The "limited time offer" is a cornerstone in retail marketing. By creating a sense of urgency, you’re prompting the customer to act before a certain deadline in order to receive more value.

Traditionally, this would mean ordering print signage, hanging it throughout the store, and tearing it down once the event is over. Conversely, if you were to promote the event on your Digital Signage, you could quickly create an ad (or multiple ads), set the start and end date, and add it to your playlist. No printing cost. No manual labor. No waste Just set it, and forget it.

With 10 Foot Wave’s Digital Signage: Our template library allows you to easily create a graphic or animation to promote a product, event, sale, or coupon. Just like with the other templates, pick your color and font, add text, upload a photo if it's needed, and you’re done. As mentioned above, you’ll also have the chance to set a start and stop date, that way you can be certain the ad won’t run after the end date has passed.

Estimated time to complete: Less than 5 minutes


Does your Digital Signage make creating content that easy? Or, is your current marketing process able to do those types of things quickly and hassle-free? If not, maybe it’s time to consider what Digital Signage can do for your business.

The good news is that, if you’re a visual learner, you can see the processes described above (and more) during a live, no obligation demo. Just like creating content, our demonstration is quick and easy. And ultimately, result in more efficient and effective in-store marketing.