Case Study: Drone Nerds and Custom Digital Signage



Digital Signage is a powerful tool for influencing customer behavior. But leveraging it isn’t as simple as waving your fingers and performing a Jedi mind trick.

You may have an awesome in-store experience in mind, but if you don’t know how to execute it, what do you really have?

Take Drone Nerds for example.


Drone Nerds Inc. is a Florida-based company which sells different kinds of DJI (a specific brand of drones) all over the globe. Drone Nerds started as an internet retail business, but customers kept showing up at the company’s warehouse expecting a retail store where they could make a purchase. It happened so often, Jeremy Schneiderman, the owner, was forced to open up a retail location to meet the demand.

When planning his new store, he imagined the high-definition screens featuring slick video graphics of drones as they moved across multiple screens, but he didn’t know how to make it happen. He wasn’t even sure what to search on Google to find the resources needed to put his vision into action. 

Drone Nerd's products have complicated features that are changing in a rapidly growing industry. We needed to ensure that the content was comprehensive to the highly technical features, without sacrificing customer engagement. 

When Schneiderman contacted Spectrio, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to turn his vision into reality.

Executing Jeremy’s vision was the perfect example of Spectrio’s expert team working together to fulfill a customer’s vision. While Spectrio’s Agency Level Creative Team developed the video content, our Digital Signage team experts selected hardware and executed the installation. 

Drone Nerds had gone from a blank slate to an epic video wall that highlighted the features and excitement of drones with continuous content that moves across multiple screens. 

Jeremy was able to manage the day-to-day of Drone Nerds while Spectrio effortlessly managed the project.

In the end, choosing the right partner was just as important as the choosing the right hardware. Technology can easily wow you, but picking the right team is the secret sauce.

In the end, choosing the right partner was just as important as the choosing the right hardware. Technology can easily wow you, but knowing who you’re working with is the secret sauce.

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