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    What Is Spectrio VideoCast?

    spectrio case studySpectrio VideoCast is a way to bring your business to life and engage your customers. It's a great way to stand out from the competition, reinforce your company's brand, and promote your current specials.

    VideoCast consists of two parts: passive and interactive digital signage.

    With passive digital signage, you can have television screens in your waiting room, customer cafe, or throughout your business that feature a branded frame to customize an existing television feed. Add a ticker to alert viewers about your company news and specials, or populate it with RSS or social media feeds. You can even add local news and weather content!

    Interactive digital signage kicks it up to another level, with touchscreen displays, customizable applications, and more. Use interactive signage for way finding and day parting, opt-in marketing, to explain product or service functionality, to interface with websites, as point of service, or inventory checks.

    We have lots more ideas for any type of business! If you'd like to see some samples of our VideoCast work, please visit our website, or contact us today.

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