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    On-Hold Messaging | 2 min read

    The Three Es of On-Hold Messaging

    By Beth Tenney, Spectrio Creative Consultant
    On average, most of all marketing/advertising budgets are spent trying to get a customer to call your company. However, only a small percentage is spent on handling that call once it comes in. You worked hard to get that call. Now, keep them entertained and informed with on-hold messaging and music from Spectrio!Some key points to keep in mind are the three E’s – Educate, Enlighten and Entertain.
    • Answer questions commonly asked of employees by your callers. By decreasing the number of calls they handle on a daily basis, work productivity and efficiency will dramatically increase. For example, try educating your customers on your business hours, location, and directions. Try setting up specific legs on your phone system with a different line handling each type of call, and then reinforce with targeted messaging- both in store and on the telephone.

    • Whether through on hold messaging, in-store messaging or both, try cross selling products and services, possibly highlighting a different product or service every month.

    • Let callers know about events and where you’ll be, so they can personally meet you and explore your products and services. In person meetings help seal the deal.

    • Try featuring a different employee every month. Not only does this boost morale, but it also helps to build customer relationships. Customers find it reassuring to know the type of quality employees a company has, and that it takes an interest in recognizing their employee’s accomplishments.


    • Keep callers enlightened with fun facts and trivia. For instance, ask a trivia question, but don’t provide the answer until after a brief music interval. Then come back and answer the trivia question. You’ll find that callers will actually want to be placed back on hold just to hear the answer!


    • When it comes to keeping callers and customers in your place of business entertained, music won’t let you miss a beat! Our music experts will help design the right atmosphere, set the mood, and create the positive emotions that reflect your brand, impacting both your customers and your employees alike. If you haven’t already, be sure to take advantage of our equipment offerings. At Spectrio, we offer equipment that gives you complete control over the type and timing of the music. Whether, it’s Classic Rock or Adult Contemporary; Jazz, Latin or Brazilian, music allows you to create an environment that defines and enhances your brand. Make sure your brand is “on the right note.”

    • Creativity. It’s a big buzzword. The definition means artistic or intellectual inventiveness. Meaning? We’re a bunch of artsy types who enjoy our craft of putting pen to paper, and turning words and sentences into audio that grabs a caller’s attention. We’re here to enhance your company’s overall image. Put your writer to the test and see how our creativity can generate a positive image for your company and your brand.

    • What’s a movie without sound effects? Dull, drab and boring. Well, the same goes for your messaging! So don’t forget to include sound effects. It’s a simple way to grab attention. Try using a sound effect of a crowd cheering when talking about an employee of the month. Use a sound effect of a cash register with a bell ringing when discussing a profit raising product. You’ll find that using one or two sound effects is very “effective” at grabbing the attention of your audience, and increasing the chances that your message will be heard.

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