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The Price of On-Hold Messaging Services

Posted Sep 5, 2013 7:11:32 AM

ID-10092351Like most business services, message on hold is not one-size-fits-all. There are a lot of factors that come together to help our account executives quote a price for services for each individual company. So in this blog we’re not going to answer this question with a direct dollar amount, because that number would likely be inaccurate. Instead, we’ll be giving you information about the factors that affect our pricing structure so you will better understand HOW we price our services, and help you get the best bang for your marketing buck!

Type of Program

We have a variety of programs and update schedules that can accommodate any company’s needs and marketing budget.

The lowest-priced program is our Annual update program, which allows one complete production change (including messaging, music, and voice) per year. The Annual program is great for companies without a lot of repeat callers, or those that don’t frequently change their products or services.

We also offer programs for Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, and Monthly updates, and the price increases with the addition of more production changes. But our most flexible (and generally the most pricey) program is our Unlimited update program. This is perfect for businesses with frequent repeat callers, rapidly changing specials, products or services, or many events throughout the year.

Did we mention that all our update programs include a complimentary holiday production? That’s right! It’s just our way of spreading good cheer and thanking our fantastic clients for their business.


Business Size and Number of Locations

The second thing that factors into our message on hold pricing strategy is the number of physical locations where the audio will be playing.

Even if you have a networked phone system, copyright laws apply. We’ll need to know how many locations your message on hold will play, in order to provide the proper licensing (a valuable part of our all-inclusive service). There’s a price break as you add locations if they receive duplicates of the main audio file. But even if each location is receiving unique message on hold audio, the more locations we service the better pricing we’ll be able to provide your company.


Type of Phone System

If your business has multiple offices, the structure of your phone system can affect how much effort is required to install your equipment, and deliver your updates.

For example, if you have a regular “wired” phone system, you’ll most likely need a piece of equipment at each location. Depending on the type of equipment you need and whether you have a reliable IT department, you may be able to self-install. However, some phone systems require assistance from the vendor that implemented the phone system. We can also send one of our contracted installers to handle this part, though there is generally a charge. After installation, technical issues will be handled with our company’s tech support department (another valuable part of our all-inclusive service).

If your phone system is VoIP, there’s no equipment to install. Audio deployment is simple – we provide an audio file and you drop it into your system. Done!


Additional Services

You’ve probably heard of bundling when it comes to your cable, television and internet service. The more you add on, the more you save on each service. We offer the same type of bundling here at Spectrio!

If you subscribe to our message on hold service and your company needs professional automated attendant greetings or IVR messages for your phone system, we can offer a discounted rate on those messages.

Do you have a public space such as a retail store, front office, restaurant, waiting room, or any other places where you’d like to set a mood? Ask us to bundle your message on hold with our Atmospheres overhead music and/or StoreCast messaging.

We also have fantastic ideas for using digital signage, menu boards, way-finding signage, touch screen kiosks, interactive signage, and more.

Best of all, the more Spectrio services you have, the more you save!


In conclusion…

We hope that even though we didn’t give you a “magic number” for the price of message on hold service, you better understand how we formulate our pricing structure. If you’d like a customized quote for message on hold – or any of our other services – we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here.


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