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Spectrio Voice of Choice: Rick Roome

Posted Jun 19, 2014 7:11:53 AM


by Robyn Larson, Spectrio Creative Consultant

When asked what his entrance music would be if he could have it, Rick Roome doesn’t miss a beat: Happy – By Pharrel. As soon as Good Morning America is done with it, he smiles. And happy aptly describes Spectrio’s Voice of Choice…Rick Roome!


Rick knew he was destined for greatness with a voice the world needed to hear early on. “The attending physician at my birth was the first to declare: ‘Wow! This kid has an amazing set of lungs…listen to that amazing cry!’” There was really no other direction to go but to use those lungs and that voice for a living.



“I've been doing something creative with my voice every day since middle school. Back in my early days, I was winning so many contests on the local radio station that they invited me to visit the studio and pick out all the records I wanted, on the condition I would never call again. After seeing where all that 'radio stuff' came from, I was hooked. A few days later I was the newest employee.”


Today, Rick has his very own microphone and is the Production Manager for a couple of stations in Southern California. “I do voiceovers and generate creative audio 'till the cows come home!”


In between all of this, he makes time for our clients here at Spectrio who have been enjoying his friendly, easy going and warm voicing style for many, many years. And he still even gets a kick out of hearing himself on the phone from time to time. “I've long been over the thrill of hearing my voice on the radio, but was taken by surprise one day when I answered my phone and heard ME asking ME to press (1) if I was thinking of refinancing my home! Took a moment to realize it was a message I had recorded months ago for Spectrio!”


When not voicing, Rick can usually be found watching Orange is the New Black, taking a stroll through the Craft Beer section at BevMo and tormenting other participants in the summer hit series, “Big Brother” internet chat rooms. He’s happily married to one of Spectrio’s other “best of” voice talents, Lynda Smith! While he and Lynda get their son ready to head off to graduate school this fall, Rick is making some empty nest plans. He’s going to fulfill his aspiration of converting his son’s room into a recording studio! We’ll enjoy hearing what you mix up next, Rick!

Click on Rick's name below, to hear his demo, and be sure to request him for your next Spectrio production!

Rick Roome