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Spectrio Voice of Choice: John Rowe

Posted May 15, 2014 7:11:06 AM

John Rowe

by Heidi Mueller, Spectrio Creative Consultant

If you’re searching for a soothing, friendly voice for your next on hold recording, your search ends with John Rowe! A displaced Texan now residing in sunny, west central Florida, Rowe has been a popular Spectrio voice talent since 1993…and not just because of his pleasing neutral, calming voice. Rowe is also a Production Supervisor in our studio here at Spectrio.

But Rowe didn’t always aspire to voice, edit and mix audio. “To be honest, I never really thought about what I wanted to do when I was growing up. I thought that being a radio DJ would be somewhat interesting after watching ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ while I was in high school.” Luck – and young love – set his feet to this path during freshman orientation at Stephen F. Austin University in the summer of 1980. The ‘luck’ came into play when he won the registration lottery and was among the first of the incoming students to register for classes. In a hurry to get back home to his latest girlfriend, Rowe noticed the School of Communications table as he walked into the registration area. “My immediate thought was hmmmm…that looks good. I can always change later on.” And a Communications major was born.

During his college years, Rowe’s affable personality and knowledge of music helped him secure a DJ position at the college radio station KSAU-FM where he held an on-air shift until he graduated in May 1985. After college, Rowe continued working at a variety of radio stations in Texas including KTBC-FM, KSFA-AM and KBST-AM. When he moved to Florida, Rowe secured his final radio gig at WPAS-AM and ultimately parlayed his on-air experience to become a major market traffic reporter for Metro Networks in 1990. In 1993, he answered an ad looking for studio help for a small, on hold company. That company – known then as Conquest Communications – was where Spectrio got its start.

When asked if he could voice for any product what would it be, Rowe replied “I’d rather voice for a location rather than a product.” Any business that’s in his hometown of Houston or in Tampa is always enjoyable. And Rowe is always amused when his friends tell him that they heard him on hold while they wait for their call to be routed.

In his spare time, Rowe volunteers as much as he’s able with youth projects at his church and teaches 1st through 5th grade Bible study classes on Sundays and Wednesdays. A car aficionado, Rowe also enjoys taking relaxing drives along the coast line, going to vintage car shows and talking about all types of cars – especially Oldsmobiles and Pontiac Azteks – both of which he currently owns.

Take a listen to the soothing sounds of Mr. Rowe by clicking his name below.

John Rowe