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    Q&A: If I have a networked phone system, why do I have to pay to play on hold audio at each location?

    7704697cfqx0efsEven though your company may have a networked phone system with one central hub that distributes on-hold audio to all the locations, U.S. Copyright Law still applies.

    Every on-hold production is copyrighted by the company or individual that created it. It's up to the creator to decide how many locations they will allow to use the production, and unless there is a different arrangement, in almost all cases the creator will only allow one location to play the audio.

    This may also be a case of music licensing. At Spectrio, we obtain the required synchronization and public performance rights with licensing through ASCAP, BMI, FirstCom, SESAC, and others, so that your company may play an on-hold production without worry. However, if your company is playing an on-hold production at a location of which we are unaware, we cannot provide proof of licensing if any of the governing bodies should decide to investigate.


    If you'd like to learn more about music licensing, copyright laws, or the measures that we take here at Spectrio to make sure you're covered, visit our website!


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