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How To Set Up Unique Product Demonstrations in Your Store

Posted Apr 24, 2014 7:11:00 AM

ID-10071164The best way to demonstrate a product is visually. But that doesn’t mean a potential customer has to just stand by and watch while you show them how your product works.

There are ways to create a demonstration experience that’s digital and interactive. After all, isn’t the process of discovery more interesting and fun than reading a manual or watching someone else do it?

With click-through tutorials, your customer gets an in-depth look at your product and its capabilities. They can view the product from multiple angles, explore different features, learn tips and tricks, and more. These tutorials can be integrated onto your website, in emails, or on interactive kiosks located in your business.

You have complete control over the content so you can highlight the most important features. You don’t have to rely on your sales person to remember that one small new detail that could make or break the sale. Links in the tutorial can take the viewer to your website, pricing information, pop-up suggestions or details. Basically, anything is possible!

If you’re interested in a click-through tutorial to help demonstrate your product, give us a call at 800-584-4653 or contact us here. You can also check out an example of our click-through tutorials here, or on the Digital Signage page of our website.

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