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Q&A: What's a simple way to make my small business look bigger?

Posted Jan 9, 2014 6:11:37 AM

ID-10059159Most people understand that working with a small business is different than working with a massive corporation. However, if you're ready to "swim with the big fish" there are plenty of simple things you can do to make your small business look bigger. Here are three ideas:

Present a consistent image with an automated attendant. An auto attendant assures you always have a professional voice answering your phones during business hours and directing callers after-hours.

  • Insider tip: Pressing one for sales, two for the business office, and three for tech support can all ring the same extension (yours), but separating them in your automated attendant gives the impression that your business is bigger than it actually is.

Beef up your marketing with polished on hold messages. Not only is playing radio on hold illegal, you could also be advertising for your competition. On hold messages are an inexpensive way to market to your current (or potential) customers, while also keeping callers entertained during their wait.

  • Insider tip: Repeat callers will notice whether your hold messages and music are the same every time they call, or if they're hearing something new. Big companies don't let their marketing messages get stale, so neither should small companies!

Establish a phone system and an 800 number. Using an 800 number gives your business instant credibility. And having a phone system with multiple options, voicemail, transfers, greetings and hold messages just adds to the "big business" feel.

  • Insider tip: With VoIP phone systems and cloud storage, all the options and functions of an on-site enterprise-level system are now affordable, even for small businesses.


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