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Q&A: What are some unique ways to use digital display screens?

Posted Aug 22, 2013 7:11:45 AM

ID-100129770Besides giving passers-by information about your company or sharing your current promos, there are so many ways to use digital display screens in nearly any environment! Here are a few unique ideas:

  • Use an interactive screen to feature a demo of one of your products. Take the customer on a 360 degree tour of the item, and allow them to zoom in and out, click to learn more, and view technical specs.


  • Why not let your customer build their own? Whether it's a service plan or an actual item, people love to DIY! A touch screen interface can be used in a car dealership to allow them to build their ideal vehicle and order it on-the-spot. Or use this idea in a restaurant, for a fun way for customers to place their order.


  • Offer a coupon for immediate use, in exchange for the customer's email address, or for a Like on your company's Facebook page when accessed via your digital display screen. You will need to connect your signage to the Internet for this to work, and PLEASE offer them a secure connection if you are asking someone to input their password!


  • Help customers find what they're looking for. Use a digital display screen for wayfinding, with a search option.


  • Attach a webcam and allow customers to take photos of themselves and their party. Send the photos directly to your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram, Flickr, or any other visual social medium you have.


  • Ask customers to input their email address or phone number to be entered into a drawing for something spectacular. Feature photos of past winners, too!


We have lots more ideas for interesting ways to use digital display screens in any type of business. If you'd like to hear about them, give us a call at 800.584.4653 or contact us here!


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