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Q&A: What type of on-hold messaging is right for my company?

Posted Apr 11, 2013 10:19:03 AM

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At Spectrio, we offer a wide variety of message on hold programs to suit any need and budget. But how do you choose what’s right for your company? Here’s a little more information about each of our update programs and some things to consider when making your decision.



A monthly update program allows you to change your scripting, voicing and music 12 times per year. This type of program is popular with businesses that run monthly advertising or pricing. It is also ideal for companies that want to promote current events, and those that have many repeat callers.


With a bi-monthly program, you get 6 productions per year. This is great for companies that want to coordinate with newsletters, events, website updates and events, but perhaps don’t need to make changes as frequently.


A quarterly program entitles you to 4 productions a year. Quarterly updates are perfect for businesses that experience seasonal trends. If your company offers different promotions for winter, spring, summer and fall, a quarterly program is right for you!


With a semi-annual on hold program, you’ll receive 2 productions per year. This is a cost-effective solution for companies that don’t have a lot of repeat callers. Many semi-annual clients use one production to play for the majority of the year, then use their second production for a custom holiday message on hold.


The annual program allows for one update per year. This is ideal for businesses that rarely make changes to their products and services, do not change with the seasons, and do not experience many repeat callers.

Those are just the basics of our update programs. But what if you need to update more frequently? Maybe your company has lots of dated events, or you have a different promotion every week of the year. No worries! We are happy to customize an on hold program to meet your exact needs. Contact us today for more information.


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