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    Overhead Music | 1 min read

    Q&A: What Type of Music Should I Play in My Restaurant?

    31576tupot171t0To answer this question, we have to look at a couple of items.

    Who is your clientele?

    This may vary by time of day or day of week. For example, you might have retirees in the early afternoon, couples in the evening, college students late night, and families on weekends. Or your clientele might be consistent throughout the day, depending on your location. The main point is that you'll need to choose music that your customers will enjoy...something that adds to the ambiance of your restaurant without overpowering it.

    • retirees might like quiet easy listening as a background
    • couples could enjoy jazz or adult contemporary as long as it's not too loud to interfere with conversation
    • late night clientele may be looking for more "action" so upbeat rock or techno might be appropriate
    • families with children might like pop or rock, as long as there are no offensive lyrics


    What type of restaurant do you have?

    A fine dining restaurant will want have a completely different sound than a bar & grill. The same idea applies for a Tex-Mex restaurant and a seafood place, or a chic hotspot. Again, the goal is to complement the restaurant's ambiance and theme.

    • restaurants with an ethnic edge might lean toward a genre that plays off that theme
    • fine dining establishments often use classical music but light jazz might also be appropriate
    • depending on the bar, you might play pop, rock, techno, country, or any combination of musical genres
    • a chic upscale restaurant might choose chill electronica for the early hours, and something more upbeat for later


    The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to creating a playlist for your restaurant but you should always keep your customers and your restaurant's theme in mind. When chosen correctly, background music can create a pleasant atmosphere, make customers feel welcome, and encourage them to return!

    For some sample background music playlists, visit our website!


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