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What Style of Digital Signage Fits My Business Environment?

Posted Jul 31, 2014 7:11:00 AM

digi signageWhen deciding what style of digital signage you need for your business, it’s always important to take a careful look at the environment where it will be placed.

Is it a waiting room? Is it an area where people stand in line? Do you have overhead music playing?

Waiting Room Environment

If the digital signage is being installed in a waiting room setting, then it’s preferred to have audio. We can create custom videos with a spokesperson, or animated videos with voice over that will engage your customers and cut down on the perceived wait time. We even have a huge library of popular entertainment content, which is updated 3 times a week. This includes cooking shows, late night talk show segments, movie trailers, nature videos, consumer reports, and more!

Here at Spectrio we have professionals on staff whose job it is to view all entertainment content, and then carefully choose the best content for your business. Any videos with questionable or sensitive materials are tossed out, and you are left with content that is family friendly!

Queue or In-line Environment

If the digital signage is for an area where people are standing in line, it may be best to have a digital menu board. Menu boards have a zone dedicated to products and their prices. When people are waiting in line, this is the perfect opportunity to promote add-ons, which increase your revenue!

Noisy Environment

If your signage will be installed in an area where you have overhead music playing or there's already a lot of background noise, we recommend signage with no additional audio. You don't want people in your establishment to be overwhelmed with too many sounds and chances are if it's noisy, they won't be able to hear your audio anyway.

If you're not sure what will work best for your space, give us a call at 800-584-4653 or contact us here. We are happy to discuss the best digital solutions for you! And be sure to visit our YouTube page for samples of some videos we have designed for our clients.