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    On-Hold Messaging | 1 min read

    Q&A: I need on-hold messages for my HVAC company. What do I write?

    on hold messages for my hvac companyBy Candice Hynoski-Ouazzi, Spectrio Creative Consultant

    Well, it depends upon the season, location and the area your company serves. Obviously, no one wants a heater break down during a snow storm or on a bitter cold night or a busted air conditioner during a sweltering heat wave. Therefore, it’s important to inform customers to make sure their HVAC system is in tip top shape prior to the upcoming season. Here are some suggestions!

    For example, if you serve a region with cold winters and hot summers, you’re going to want to stress the importance of heating system maintenance, repairs and replacement before the winter and promote air conditioning tips before the dog days of summer. You can also spice up your on hold production by featuring seasonal recipes or fun facts about the weather or holidays.

    There are also many non seasonal messages you can create that are informative and promotional. Some helpful on hold HVAC topics include:

    • Ways to reduce energy costs
    • Importance of energy audits
    • Warning signs that you need to replace your HVAC system
    • Maintenance plan options
    • Ways to keep your HVAC running smoothly for years
    • Importance of duct cleaning
    • Ways to reduce allergens in the home
    • How to spot heating and cooling repair problems
    • What to do if your heating or air conditioning system stops working
    • Staff experience
    • Why customers should choose your company over others
    • Current promotions

    As always, if you need help creating new messages, feel free to ask your Spectrio Creative Consultant.

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