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How an On-Hold Message is Born

Posted Jan 31, 2013 5:43:32 AM

ID-100161166If you have children, you may have heard this question before: "Mommy, where do on-hold messages come from?" It's likely you didn't have an answer, or you probably started something like, "Well, honey, when a business owner really cares about his customers, he wants to make sure they are happy when they call." But from that point, your details may have been a little murky.

Fear not! We are here to educate you, so the next time your child asks you'll have all the information you need to have an intelligent conversation about how on-hold messages are born.

Let's start at the very beginning, the seed. When a business owner calls Spectrio, he or she speaks with one of our National Account Executives. These are our specially-trained experts that help the business owner determine what type of on-hold program is best for their company. There are many factors that go into this decision, and our National Account Executive explains the benefits of each program to guide the business owner to the solution that works with their marketing plan and their budget.

Once the business owner has decided on a program and signed an agreement, the on-hold message seed travels through the billing department where a sales order is approved. It is then sent to the production department.

A few days later, a Client Care Specialist calls the business owner to discuss what they might like to include in their on-hold message, and gives suggestions based on information the business owner provides. The CCS listens carefully to what the business owner says, taking notes that will help develop the rich soil in which the on-hold message seed is planted.

After the seed is planted, it's up to the Creative Consultant to nurture it into a clever sprout. The Creative Consultant writes a script based on all the information gathered by the CCS, taking into account the business owner's requests and the company's website, and putting a custom spin on it so it fits the company exactly. The Creative Consultant then sends the script to the business owner for review.

When the business owner has approved the script, the Creative Consultant sends it on its way to the voice artist, who adds a unique flair, and a layer of leaves. Then the sprout lands in the studio, where a Studio Engineer performs magic, intertwining voicing with music, to create a lovely flowing completed audio production - a beautiful flower.

But the flower still needs to be sent back to the business owner. That's where our distribution team comes in. Depending on the type of on-hold equipment, a Distribution Specialist will email the new audio, mail it on a CD or cassette tape, or remotely load the audio via phone line or internet.

By sharing this unique and special on-hold flower with his or her customers, the business owner shows them that the company does really care, and truly values their time.

That's it! Now go ahead and call your child into the room, so you can share the story about the miracle of how an on-hold message is born.

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