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    6 Reasons Your Business Needs Overhead Music

    Overhead music increases sales and productivity!

    Here are a few stats:

    1. About 70% of retailers agreed that in-store music increases their sales.

    2. 63.3% of consumers have been influenced by a store's atmosphere.

    3. 79% of consumers in the UK say that music encourages them to stay in stores longer.

    4. When 75 workers at a large retail company were issued headphones for music listening, their productivity increased 10% over 4 weeks.

    5. Studies suggest that music with an upbeat rhythm can reduce stress hormone levels by as much as 41%.

    6. The right type of music can influence shoppers to spend more money.

    Whether your business is retail, food service, medical, or even just an office environment, we have lots of ideas for using overhead music! If you'd like more information visit, or contact us today.

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