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    13 Examples of Digital Signage Content

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    If you’re thinking about using multimedia screens at your business or organization, here are 13 examples of digital signage content you can use to engage customers, improve communication, and promote your products and services.


    Digital displays are the perfect place to feature promotions for products, services, events, and sales. Because multimedia screens allow you to use a variety of video, animation, and rotating graphics, you can create digital signage content that includes static ads, product demos, video testimonials, and more.


    When most people think of menu screens, they think of digital menu signage. But digital signage menu content is not reserved for restaurants only. Any business with a service list can use a digital screen to promote their offerings. Listing service options at places like salons, spas, and auto repair shops is the perfect way to highlight your list of services in a clean, modern, and eye-catching way.

    News & TV Shows

    Digital signs inform and entertain. You can use digital screens to air content that helps customers or clients pass the time while waiting. With private label TV, you can select news stations or specific television broadcasts that you want to air in your waiting areas. You can also set up a live cable pass-through that airs regular television programming within a branded content frame. Both of these options allow you to provide entertainment for your customers while keeping your digital signage content on-brand and targeted specifically for your audience.  

    Did You Know? When digital signage is present, it can make a 30-minute wait feel like a 20-minute wait. 

    Inspirational Quotes

    Digital signage content can inform, entertain, and even inspire. A fun way to encourage and uplift visitors is to include quotes and inspirational phrases on your digital screens. While this may not be a fit for all businesses, it is a perfect tool for organizations like gyms, wellness facilities, and even offices where employees could use a boost of motivation throughout the day.  

    Interactive Forms and Games

    Digital screens aren’t restricted to hanging on the wall and only displaying a set playlists of information. They can also be interactive and controlled by users. Interactive digital signs allow audiences to select content, play games, and even enter their contact information. By allowing audiences to control content and add input, digital screens can be used to entertain and collect valuable information from guests.

    Real-Time Weather Updates

    Digital signage content can automatically adjust on its own, which makes it an ideal tool for sharing weather updates with visitors and guests. Businesses that are heavily impacted by the weather, such as hotels and beach and ski resorts, can use weather-parting (a feature that automatically updates the weather content stream) to provide real-time updates on the conditions outside.

    Social Media Streams

    With digital signage, you can bring your online world into your office, facility, or store. Screens can sync with social media streams so audiences can get a live view of what you are sharing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Digital signs can also be tied to tools that curate hashtag mentions from other users. This allows you to bring your online brand into the real-world and offer an opportunity for your fans and followers to see their content featured in your location.

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    Calendars & Event Schedules

    Digital signage content can also help organize large groups by featuring calendar and event schedules. Hotels, theme parks, and malls that regularly hold events can use this feature to inform guests about daily activities. Offices and healthcare facilities can also benefit from this feature by creating calendars that share the work schedules and upcoming appointment times for their team.

    Room Availabilities

    Just as digital displays of calendars and schedules can help keep an internal team on the same page, so can signs featuring room availabilities. In healthcare offices or facilities where clients are ushered in and out of rooms, staff can keep track of the rooms in use and whereabouts of their guests through the use of digital screens.

    Company Memos

    When you have digital screens, you can stop sending company memos that your internal team ignores. Instead of sending emails and paper memos with important company information, share updates through screens positioned in employee areas and break-rooms. This allows you to drastically improve communication in the workplace as audiences are more likely to pay attention to engaging, visually-driven content than text-heavy documents and notes.


    Many large properties or facilities utilize static maps that guide visitors to their destination. The problem with these types of maps is that they need to be updated and reprinted when changes are made, and they provide the same information to guests no matter what they might actually be looking for. With digital wayfinding maps, you alleviate both of these issues. You can update maps easily in real-time, and use interactive tools that provide custom directions for guests based on their input.


    Digital signage content can not only help people find where they are going, it can also help them find what they need. Adding a directory to wayfinding screens is a great way to simplify and condense large wall directories and help guests find what they need faster and with less stress. Instead of struggling to find a doctor or office on a long list of rooms and floors, digital directories allow users to enter a name and filter their options to see only the information they need.

    Emergency Messages

    If an emergency strikes, you need to quickly alert your entire facility. This can be difficult if you lack a clear line of communication with each area of your property. Digital signage content helps you create an emergency communication plan. With a connected digital signage system, you can quickly change the content on screens throughout your location. This allows you to relay important safety or emergency messages with your entire facility in the event of a fire, bad weather, active-shooter, or other dangerous threat.

    Start Creating Your Digital Signage Content Strategy

    These are just a few examples of how you can use digital signage content to engage customers, improve communication, and promote your offerings. One of the many benefits of digital signage is that you are only limited by your creativity. There are endless ways for your organization or business to use this tool.

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