How to Leverage Your Marketing Channels for Content Promotion

Small business marketing channels can seem narrow. With limited resources and digital platform properties, it’s easy to see how local retailers and businesses can feel restricted when it comes to the way they can create and promote their content. 

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How to Create An Editorial Calendar--Retail [Free Template]

We recently published a detailed look into what an editorial calendar is and why it is so important to a business’s marketing strategy. Now, we are going to show you exactly how you can create this powerful marketing calendar if you are in the retail industry. 

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What to Say In Overhead Messaging

When customers are in your store, you are in control of their experience and environment. You present what they observe, sense, and see. 

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A Retail Store Customer Experience Audit: Where Does Your Store Stand? [Free Worksheet]

When was the last time you paused and really looked around your retail store? If you are like many store owners, it’s probably been a while since you took a good, hard look at your location and assessed its ability to create positive customer experiences.

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