Boost Restaurant Sales With Digital Menu Signage

Digital menu signage improves the appearance of a restaurant, differentiates a location from its competitors, and make things easier for both staff and customers. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Tags: digital signage digital menu boards retail marketing

13 Examples of Digital Signage Content

If you’re thinking about using multimedia screens at your business or organization, here are 13 examples of digital signage content you can use to engage customers, improve communication, and promote your products and services.

Tags: healthcare digital signage interactive digital signage retail marketing

The Best Background Music for Shopping in Your Store

While it can be difficult to identify the best background music for shopping, it’s easy to identify the music that is the worst. That music is annoying, loud, and so hard to listen to that it can send shoppers right back out the door they came in. 

Tags: overhead music retail marketing

Creating an Effective Retail Customer Journey Map

A retail customer journey map is a plan for leading shoppers to a sales funnel and then guiding them through each step of their purchase process. 

Tags: retail marketing

How Retailers Should Capitalize On In-Store Advertising

As a retailer, you may be overlooking a powerful marketing strategy that is sitting right in front of you -- in-store advertising. 

Tags: retail marketing

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