The Best Background Music for Shopping in Your Store

While it can be difficult to identify the best background music for shopping, it’s easy to identify the music that is the worst. That music is annoying, loud, and so hard to listen to that it can send shoppers right back out the door they came in. 

Tags: overhead music retail marketing

What to Say In Overhead Messaging

When customers are in your store, you are in control of their experience and environment. You present what they observe, sense, and see. 

Tags: overhead music on-hold messaging retail marketing

Are You Playing the Right Background or Overhead Music at Your Commercial Location?

When you chose the background music for your commercial location, what was your process?

Tags: overhead music

25 Businesses Were Sued For Playing Copyright Music. Don’t Be Next.

You open up shop. Turn on the lights. Start getting ready for customers, and flip on some music.

Tags: overhead music

Can You Guess The Top Song of 2015?

top music artists of 2015

Tags: overhead music

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