Hold Message Samples: How to Pick a Sound for Your Professional Answering Service

An excellent hold messaging system has two primary pieces. One element is the actual script and message. The other piece is the voice and sound that deliver it.  

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Hold Message Examples: What To Say To Waiting Callers

So now that we've established what not to do when creating on-hold customer experiences, what should you do? Find out in today's post. 

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Frustrating Hold Messages: 11 Ways Your Hold Message Annoys (and Sometimes Infuriates) Callers

We’ve all experienced a frustrating hold message. We’ve had those bad calls that made us yell into our receiver or slam the phone down (or at least press the end-call button furiously). 

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Customer Calling Experiences: What Do Customers Think When They Call Your Business?

When the phone rings at your organization, what happens? 

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The Amount of Time We Spend On Hold Will Shock You

Time is precious. We only have a limited amount, and we will never have more of it. 
So we don’t want to waste it... especially sitting on the phone on-hold.

Yet, more than half of Americans say they spend about 10-20 minutes every week on-hold with customer service. That small increment of time may not seem extreme, until you do some math on the amount of time we spend on-hold.

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