You Invested In Auto Industry SEO. But Are You Reaping The Benefits?

Search engine results pages are a prime place for meeting new customers. When consumers search for something they need, they discover your business and see that you can help them solve their problem.

Tags: on-hold messaging automotive

What to Say In Overhead Messaging

When customers are in your store, you are in control of their experience and environment. You present what they observe, sense, and see. 

Tags: overhead music on-hold messaging retail marketing

How to Increase Patient Portal Adoption at Your Practice

Getting patients to use an online portal for your healthcare practice seems like it should be an easy task. 

Tags: healthcare on-hold messaging

Why Patient Portals Won't Reduce Volume of Patient Calls

Patient portals benefit practices and patients in multiple ways. They increase patient engagement, improve inter-office communication, produce better healthcare outcomes, and support “Meaningful Use” CMS Medicare and Medicaid programs. 

Tags: healthcare on-hold messaging

This Is What an On Hold Messaging System Can Do For Your Business

If you’re thinking about upgrading your customer calling experience but still aren’t sure if the return on investment is going to be worth it, consider this.

Tags: on-hold messaging

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