How to Communicate with Employees in a Growing Organization or Facility

As your organization grows, it becomes more difficult to clearly, effectively, and efficiently communicate with all of your employees.

Tags: digital signage marketing

How To Decrease Perceived Patient Wait Time at Your Practice

No one likes sitting uncomfortably in a room waiting for your name to be called. It’s boring. It’s annoying. It feels like a big waste of time, and just about everyone agrees on that.

Tags: healthcare digital signage

How To Use Video On-Demand as a Sales Tool

Many salespeople would love to have an assistant -- a supporting team member to help them be more efficient, helpful, and effective. A useful sidekick to improve their ability to connect with customers and make more sales.

Tags: digital signage

How to Sell More Tires Using Multimedia Content

Take a minute to assess your auto shop, and create a list of places where you are using multimedia content to sell more tires. If you aren’t sure where to look, consider the following places where you could use media to engage with customers. 

Tags: digital signage automotive

How to Customize Your Waiting Room TV Using Live Cable Pass-Through

If you have a waiting room at your office or shop, it’s likely that you also have a waiting room TV. Placing a TV in a waiting area is how many business owners and managers attempt to entertain their customers and clients while they wait.

Tags: digital signage customer experience

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