Big Takeaways from Salesforce's "State of the Connected Customer" Study

Technology has given us a hyper-connected culture. We have almost unlimited, 24/7 access to information right in the palm of our hands. 

Tags: healthcare customer experience

Are You Creating Disappointing Customer Experiences Across Your Platforms?

There once was a time when businesses operated and existed almost entirely in one location. That physical place was home to all customer touch points. It was the storefront, the location where employees, customers, products, and services came together. 

Tags: healthcare customer experience

Digital Signage Solutions: What Problems Can Multimedia Screens Solve?

If you aren’t sure what multimedia screens can do for your business, consider these digital signage solutions. Here are just a few examples of the problems you can solve by adding digital screens to your shop, store, or office.

Tags: digital signage customer experience

Use Private Label TV to Stop Competitor Ads From Airing in Your Waiting Room

If you are not using Private Label TV, you may find yourself in the following situation. 

Tags: digital signage customer experience

How to Use Technology to Improve Patient Engagement

As a healthcare provider, you are tasked with giving your patients the best care possible.To do that, you need a little help. You need someone else to get involved. That person is the patient.

Tags: healthcare customer experience

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