Why Collecting Customer Reviews Matters

Whether your business is a healthcare practice, auto shop, retail store, or hotel, it can greatly benefit from collecting and sharing customer reviews and testimonials.

Tags: marketing customer experience

Tips for Excellent Customer Experiences in The Automotive Industry

Competition is high in the auto industry. Consumers have numerous options and choices, and they can quickly find a new business if one doesn’t entirely suit their needs and wants. We'll show you a few ways that you can <3 your customers and show them that you can take care of all their needs.

Tags: automotive customer experience

Is Your Practice Promoting “Wise Healthcare Consumer Month”? [Free Download]

February is “Wise Healthcare Consumer Month,” which encourages patients to get more involved with their healthcare decisions and options. Your office can use this awareness initiative as an opportunity to educate your current patients and connect with new patients.

Tags: healthcare marketing

3 Reasons Digital Experiences Belong in Your Marketing Strategy

If “digital experience” is a term you’ve heard but have yet to incorporate into your business, you aren’t alone. Creating digital experiences is a powerful, strategic, and smart way to improve the connection between customers and brands.

Tags: digital signage marketing customer experience

18 Outpatient Customer Experience Improvements You Can Make Right Away

Immediately improve the outpatient customer experience at your doctor's office, medical practice, or healthcare facility by following these simple steps.

Tags: healthcare customer experience patient experience

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