Q&A: When I put a call on hold, what do my callers hear?

call on holdThis question is a tough one for us to answer, but we have a few educated guesses as to what your callers may hear when they are placed on hold at your company:


  • beeps
  • silence
  • a local radio station
  • professional on-hold messages and music

However, you can find out exactly what your callers hear simply by calling your own company or office and asking someone to put your call on hold.

Go ahead. We'll wait here.

All set? Great! Now that you've heard what your callers hear, what do you think?

If you heard beeps, you were probably annoyed. "Beeps on-hold" is not a good strategy for keeping callers entertained or even happy while they are waiting.

If you heard nothing, you may have thought to yourself, "Hey, I think they just hung up on me!" Silence is not a good way to assure your callers that you're handling their call correctly.

If you heard radio on-hold, did you hear music? You might want to reconsider this strategy before you get hit with huge fines! And if the fines from playing music were not worrying enough, potentially advertising for your competition should encourage you drop radio on-hold right away.

But if you heard professional messages and music while holding...you're doing something right! Make sure the messages are not dated, that they are consistent with your branding, they're talking about your products and services in a positive light, answering your callers questions, and encouraging them to ask for more information...and you're golden!

Would you like more information about keeping your callers happy, contact us about Spectrio on-hold messaging and music. We'd be delighted to help you give your callers a positive hold experience!

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