Q&A: How can I better handle my company's incoming calls?

receptionists handling incoming callsWhether your business is small or large, you need to handle your incoming calls with efficiency and professionalism. Like we mentioned in this Q&A, voice branding is super important. This is especially true when a potential customer is calling your company for the first time.

You may have a great receptionist, or no receptionist at all. In either case, handling your company's incoming calls with an automated attendant can benefit your business. Here's how.

Let's say 75% of your incoming calls are first time callers. They've never done business with your company before, and most of them have a few simple questions:

-What are your hours?

-Where are you located?

-Can I speak to someone in the sales/admin/creative/tech support department?

Does it make sense for your receptionist to spend time answering these same simple questions for callers over and over, or would it be better for the receptionist to assist clients that are already in your establishment?

If you don't have a receptionist at your company, an automated attendant is a great solution for handling your incoming calls. It's able to answer those simple questions and efficiently route callers to the correct employee or department.

In addition to a standard automated attendant, there are different types of equipment that are specially made for routing calls. These "call handlers" can be programmed to run different messages at different times of day, or different days of the week, making it convenient to feature timed promotions with more flexibility.

If you'd like more information about Spectrio's call handling and automated attendant services, visit our website, call us at 800-584-4653 x6382, or email us!

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