The Harvard Business Review Top 30 Customer Values

In a recent article by The Harvard Business Review, two researchers aimed to identify a complete list of customer values.

Tags: Customer Service marketing

How To Create An Editorial Calendar For The Year [Free Template]

If content creation leaves you feeling overwhelmed and disorganized, you aren’t alone. Many businesses and brands struggle with maintaining a streamlined and systematic approach to content organization and planning -- until they start using an editorial calendar. 

Tags: marketing

Marketing for Auto Shops: How To Acquire and Keep Customers

Marketing for auto shops is simple when you know where to focus. By implementing basic strategies, you can acquire and keep customers and grow your business. 

Tags: marketing automotive

Why You Should Market to Existing Customers

A study by Adobe has revealed an important reminder for marketers. When it comes to increasing revenue, you shouldn't focus only on acquiring new customers; you should also focus on marketing to existing customers.

Tags: marketing

What Do These Stats Reveal About Your Dental Practice Marketing?

The tools people use to find and communicate with businesses are always changing. So, the methods medical practices use to connect with potential patients need to constantly change, too.

Tags: healthcare marketing

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