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This Is How a Small Retailer Can Compete with a Big Box Store

At some point, almost all small business owners ask themselves the same question, “How can we compete with a big box store?"

Tags: marketing customer experience

A Guide to Writing Calls-to-Action (and 65+ of the Best Words & Phrases)

Far too often well-meaning marketing departments put together beautiful ads, flyers, and digital content promotions that look great, but fall short and don’t deliver results. One of the reasons why these otherwise great marketing materials fail is because they don’t include strategic calls-to-action.

Tags: marketing

How to Build Trust with Skeptical Customers Who Don’t Like Salespeople

It’s no secret that it can be difficult to build trust with skeptical customers who don’t like salespeople, especially car salespeople.

Tags: automotive customer experience

How to Hire a Non-Stop, Silent Salesperson For Your Store

What if you could hire an effective, non-stop salesperson -- a salesperson who was always at your store during all of your open hours continuously selling, never taking a break, never getting tired, and never getting paid.

Tags: digital signage customer experience

How Digital Signage Fits Into Showroom Layout

A showroom is where customers experience products. It’s where they become immersed in a brand and get a hands-on opportunity to examine a company’s offerings, quality, and character.

Tags: digital signage customer experience

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