Customers Want Experiences Instead of Things: What That Means for Retailers

As retailers across the country struggle with drawing customers into their stores and competing with online shopping, store owners need to find a new approach to connecting with shoppers. They need to start focusing on giving customers what they really want -- experiences. 

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How to Use Touchpoint Mapping to Improve Customer Experiences

As a brand, you should have influence over each interaction a customer has with your business. You should consider every possible situation that could bring your customer into contact with your brand and design that scenario to deliver a positive experience. And for that, there is touchpoint mapping. 

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The Healing Power of Music for Hospital Patients

In most medical facilities, music isn’t a top priority. It’s simply used as overhead or background music that fills in the silence. 
But researchers are finding that music for hospitals is way more powerful than most of us realize. 

Tags: healthcare overhead music

How Much Human Interaction Is Too Much in a Retail Setting?

Customers in a retail setting don’t want to be ignored. They also don’t want to be bothered. So, how do you know how much human interaction in retail stores is too much or too little? 

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Top 6 Reasons for Patient Dissatisfaction and How to Avoid Them

Researchers in Florida found that avoiding patient dissatisfaction isn’t as difficult or as complex as it can seem. In their study, “
Improving Wait Times and Patient Satisfaction in Primary Care,” researchers determined that there are just a few things that truly annoy and irritate patients. 

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