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Tips for Setting Up Your Showroom to Impress Customers and Increase Sales

When customers visit a showroom -- whether they are shopping for something large like a new car or piece of furniture or something small like window blinds or shoes -- one thing is always true. 

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How to Decrease Customer Stress in Your Auto Shop or Tire Store

It is no secret that visiting a car dealership, mechanic shop, or tire store makes a lot of people uncomfortable. There is a stigma attached to the auto industry that leads people to believe they will get taken advantage of during their visit.

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5 Small Changes That Will Greatly Improve Your Hotel Lobby

When a guest walks into a hotel, they make an initial assessment of the property as a whole. They judge the hotel based on how the lobby looks and feels. This first impression sets the tone for the entire stay, and may be the reason why they will or won't come back or refer friends to the property.

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Improve Your Waiting Room by Focusing on the Five Senses

If your waiting room is starting to feel a little drab and outdated, it might be time to give it a much-needed update. 

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Get These 21 Benefits for Your Healthcare Practice by Using This One Tool

Take a minute to look at or visualize your healthcare practice. What do you see?

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